Within the CoCo-project, we conducted the following major studies.:

The International Study





The International Study
(Data collection finished)

In this Experience Sampling (ESM) study, we accompany participants over a 4-week period to learn more about their personal experience and behaviour during the war in Ukraine and the COVID-19 pandemic and how they dealt with these crisis situations. With the help of numerous international cooperation partners, we make it possible for people in a wide range of countries (including Germany, the USA, Australia, Israel, Argentina, Brazil, ...➤Interactive Map) to participate. This allows us to achieve results that are as comprehensive and generalizable as possible.

Data collection for the international study is finished
no more participation

The International Study includes:

  • a Online pre- and post-survey (comprising several scientifically recognized questionnaires) 
  • a Four-week experience-sampling phase
    (Therein, participants will complete a short (2- to 3-minute) online questionnaire up to five times a day over the course of four weeks. The participants will be invited to complete the questionnaires via email. They will be invited to complete an evening-questionnaire at the same time every day, and four additional ESM-questionnaires distributed throughout the day. This method ensures a more temporally accurate and comprehensive assessment of the participants’ experiences and behaviors than other methods (e.g., studies with single questionnaires)

In a nutshell:
Method: Online pre- and post-survey + experience-sampling (ESM)
Duration: 4 weeks (from individual start time)
- If desired, donation of 1€ per participant to an international, self-chosen COVID-19 charity project (donation volume capped to 10,000€)
- Participation in a lottery (prizes of up to 2,500€ amongst all participants → total prize value = 10,000€)
- individual feedback on personal attitudes, sleep quality, productivity etc.