Within the CoCo project, we conducted two large-scale studies:

➤ The International Study

➤ The National Smartphone-Sensing Study

The International Study

Data collection for the international study is finished

The International Study includes:

  • a Online pre- and post-survey (comprising several scientifically recognized questionnaires) 
  • a Four-week experience-sampling phase
    (Therein, participants will complete a short (2- to 3-minute) online questionnaire up to five times a day over the course of four weeks. The participants will be invited to complete the questionnaires via email. They will be invited to complete an evening-questionnaire at the same time every day, and four additional ESM-questionnaires distributed throughout the day. This method ensures a more temporally accurate and comprehensive assessment of the participants’ experiences and behaviors than other methods (e.g., studies with single questionnaires)

In a nutshell:
Method: Online pre- and post-survey + experience-sampling (ESM)
Duration: 4 weeks (from individual start time)

The National Smartphone-Sensing Study

Data collection for the national Study is finished

In our national sensing study, repeated experience sampling surveys (similar to the international ESM study) are combined with data collection through smartphone sensing. Smartphone sensing is a novel approach to data collection, where relevant and lifelike data are gathered using various sensors in the smartphone (such as gyroscope, GPS sensor, brightness sensor, etc.). Additionally, it allows for the anonymous collection and analysis of usage patterns of different apps. This, in conjunction with other data, enables particularly realistic insights into the behavior and experiences of the participants.

In this study, participants are asked to install the PhoneStudy Research App developed at LMU on their Android smartphones, which enables smartphone sensing according to current privacy and anonymization standards. Ownership of an Android smartphone is therefore a prerequisite for study participation. Over the course of the 4-week study, smartphone sensing data will be collected, and participants will be regularly prompted (5 times a day) to answer short experience sampling questions. By doing so, we aim to capture and investigate the handling of crisis situations such as the war in Ukraine and the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the associated behavior and experiences, as accurately and lifelike as possible.

In a nutshell: 

Method: Online pre- and post-survey, smartphone sensing, and experience-sampling (ESM)
Duration: 4 weeks