In the International Study we collect different data with your help. These are always protected in accordance with current technical, scientific and legal standards in compliance with the GDPR.
In the following, we have summarized which data will be collected and which measures will be taken to anonymize and protect the collected data. If you are interested in study participation, you will receive further information regarding the data and our data protection measures at the beginning of the study.

International ESM - Study 

Collected data:

● Results from pre- and post-surveys
(questionnaires assess personality, sleep quality, well-being etc.)

● Results from experience-sampling surveys
(Topics include, for example, social interactions, current attitudes regarding the war in Ukraine and Covid-19, questions about the work situation, questions about mood/well-being)

Data protection measures:

✓ Anonymized data collection using pseudonyms
✓ No assessment of identifiable names
✓ Complete anonymization of data through substitution of pseudonyms after the end of data collection
✓ Storage of data on encrypted servers
✓ Data can only be accessed by scientific personnel bound to confidentiality
✓ Measures conform to the current GDPR (confirmed by the data protection officers of the participating universities)